Host Cathy Lighton and Tatum Crigger dis-spell the Stigma of the Witch by discussing how history has unfairly portrayed the many accused of witchcraft and what be a practicing "witch" of today really means.

A brief 10 minute meditation of OM. Use when you need a break to quickly clear your mind.

In episode 9 of Let's Shed Light On we will be spotlighting Akashic Alchemy in the anatomy of the Spirit when we discuss the chakras. Find out how you can align with your Divine and create the life you want through a balanced chakra system!

In Episode 8 of "Let's Shed Light On" we will discuss the power of prayer and positive intention. Special guest Tatum Crigger also known as TC Christian from Akashic Alchemy will give her views on how prayer and manifestation play such a powerful role in your life.

In episode 7 of "Let's Shed Light On" we discuss the abortion bans sweeping across this country and the possible long term effects they will carry. Cathy will give first hand accounts of how having the right to safely choose abortion was her human right that she doesn't want to see taken away from anyone. Special guest are Tom Patterson and Allison Coleman.

In this episode we shed light on being a woman in small business and what it takes to succeed. Our special guest Kayla Adams and myself share some of our personal experiences in hopes giving other women a realistic view of small business success.

Starving is an honest discussion on eating disorders, how they come about and how we can prevent them. It's about raising awareness and helping those in need. This is a systemic issue of epidemic proportions and without Shedding Light on it we can't help others. Special Guest, Heather Murphy.

Authenticity, is something that should not be compromised. I believe it is more important than being original. Do not strive to be different strive to real. It is an essential element or ingredient to true success as a person. This episode ask 4 different people what makes them Authentic and how that helps them live their best life. Special guest: Christy Graves, Cody Ratz, and Princess Parker.


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