In this episode of Let's Shed Light On we will discuss how this virus is effecting small local businesses and how we can help each other out at this time. Community is key here.

Join Let’s Shed Light On and special guest Eva Louise Williams, owner of Golden Lotus and Tatum Crigger of Akashic Alchemy in a conversation about sexual and spiritual sovereignty as we discuss Eva's very interesting and healing vocation. Eva's passion is to bring awareness and knowledge to women across the globe on the power they hold in their most sacred space. 

Be a lady they said, in this podcast Tatum Crigger, Maria Brito, and host Cathy Lighton discuss how conflicting it is to be a woman in today's world. Do you honor yourself or do what other's expect?

The Divinity Trinity discuss how to go about reclaiming your power as a strong woman.

Tantra, sacred ceremony, and deep connection to self is the topic of this podcast. This conversation is among friends and a little off the cuff enjoy listening in a casual conversation about Tantra sex and how to find it in our modern world. Special guest Arjuna Ra and Maria Brito.

In episode 13 of Let's Shed Light On I will talk about the importance of Positivity. As we enter a new decade, let's keep in mind the quality of our thoughts. Shift your way of thinking and watch how it can change not only your world but everyone around you.

Host Cathy Lighton and Tatum Crigger dis-spell the Stigma of the Witch by discussing how history has unfairly portrayed the many accused of witchcraft and what be a practicing "witch" of today really means.

A brief 10 minute meditation of OM. Use when you need a break to quickly clear your mind.

In episode 9 of Let's Shed Light On we will be spotlighting Akashic Alchemy in the anatomy of the Spirit when we discuss the chakras. Find out how you can align with your Divine and create the life you want through a balanced chakra system!

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